A smart water management & leakage detection solution

Track your water consumption and manage the valve remotely

A all-in-one solution for your water network

The PREDICTIVE FLOWBOX® includes a valve, a flowmeter and a temperature sensor. Connected to our platform, you can easily track and manage your water network and water consumption.

One Valve.
Open and close your water network locally or remotely.
One Flowmeter.
Track and compare your water consumption over time.
One Temperature sensor.
Monitor your water temperature. It also prevents misconfiguration (hot/cold water) or bacteria risk.
Leakage detection.
You suspect a leakage? Enable the leakage detection mode to confirm your feelings.
Abnormal consumption.
Based on your consumption and our algorithms, volume and duration thresholds are dynamically defined. If they are passed, you are informed and can decide to close the water network. Automatic closing is possible too.
Scheduled closing
Away from your building every weekend or having a maintenance on your water network at a given date? You can schedule punctual or regular closing depending on your needs.
Many places to monitor?
No limits on devices to monitor, nor on users on the platform. You can restrict access to FLOWBOXes according to your organisation.
WebApp and Mobile/Tablet Apps.
Monitor your network from everywhere in the world.
Powerful API.
You already have your own building management system? No worries, just integrate what you need from our API. You can also use both the API and our WebApp at the same time.

Installing the FLOWBOX is as easy as:

1. Connect the FLOWBOX on your water network,

2. Turn it on,

3. Pair it with our platform,

4. You're safe!

Frequently asked questions

FLOWBOX are available for 1/2, 1 and 2 inches sizes. It can connect up to a 3 inches pipe. Depending on the zone you want to monitor, you can use the size that feets your needs.

We try to find the right balance between closing the water network at the soonest once an abnormal consumption is identified and preventing undesired closing of the water network. First we inform to let you decide if it's a "normal abnormal consumption" or a real abnormal consumption based on your current context. Then, our tresholds are computed to include some margins before raising an alert as we know consumption habits can change over time and that some places are not as regular in their water consumption as others. Lastly, if you enabled "explicit and automatical closing", then water network will be automatically closed once thresholds are passed by a given factor.

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