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FLOWBOX Interactive :
A unique concept based on the connectivity of hydraulic networks

One concept / two versions

Hydraulic Network Connectivity

FLOWBOX Interactive allows easy management & direct monitoring of a hydraulic network through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Abnormal flow detection and tracking

Through a learning algorithm, the box will study the user’s habits and how the network operates for a few weeks once installed on the system. It will then be able to detect, almost immedialty if there’s an abnormal flow on the system and exactly where it has occurred. The suspicious flow can be shutdown in an instant from the app’ without causing any disturbance in the use of water on other floors or other water units. Simply from the app’, open & close any particular water valve that is connected to the box. The user can also set an automatic shutdown if the box detects anything abnormal.

Security, Comfort & Accessibility

The box constantly interacts with a dedicated mobile app to provide the user with complete control over the network right from his fingertips. The user can have an eye on the proper functioning of the hydraulic network and a direct reading of the consumption. The app’ also enables comparisons to measure consumption variations with previous periods, help consume less and be more eco-responsible.



The non-residential app’ is designed for building management and has a unique ergonomic interface that offers a wide view over each building and floors and a complete control on the hydraulic system.


The residential app’ is meant for accommodations such as houses or apartments and provides control and consumption reading for each water units individually such as the shower or the sink.

Clean Technology : change your habits and ease your access to hydraulic information!